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Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound Tx

If it's time to invest in a new look for your home, turn to our store for hardwood flooring. Hardwood is always a stunning option for any space. We provide our clients with a wide range of hardwood flooring installation options, all designed to enhance the interior appearance of any property. Our expansive showroom features all kinds of wood flooring styles from some of today's leading brands, including Anderson®, Earthwerks®, Mannington® and Mullican®. This includes solid and engineered hardwood options, both of which include stylish and durable choices in our numerous collections.

Unsure if flooring is the right choice for you? Over the last decade, we have been working with premium types of hardwood floors. This allows us to provide our clients with an accurate account of the many benefits of these floors. We think that this option is an ideal choice for any household. Some of the many benefits of having hardwood installed include the following:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Increases the Property 
  • Value of Your Home
  • Timeless Appearance & Style
  • Long-Lasting Performance

Elegant and Durable Choices For Any Room

Add the appearance of elegance and sophistication to any room with engineered hardwood. Our hardwood floor company believes that this popular wood flooring is one of the best of the different hardwood styles available to homeowners like you.

Many people do not realize that engineered wood is genuine wood flooring. It is real wood that has been layered up and bonded together, revealing all of the lovely colors and characteristics typical of the wood species you have chosen. This is similar to what you find with any solid hardwood flooring. Underneath the surface, there are many additional layers of high-density fiberboard. This enhances the durability and intrinsic strength of engineered wood, when compared to solid wood. Such superior stability helps engineered hardwood resist warping and cracking when the temperature or humidity fluctuates.

Selecting a high-quality engineered floor is a choice that will last a long time because you will be able to refinish it multiple times, although not as often as solid hardwood. Despite this, homeowners will discover that engineered hardwood is not only suitable for dens and bedrooms but also areas where moisture is prevalent, including finished basements. Engineered flooring may be installed using staples or glue, as well as floated over your existing floor.

When you are interested in renovating your residential space, solid hardwood is a great choice that lends a sense of tradition and elegance to any interior, having been popularly used for flooring over the centuries. A genuine hardwood floor brings any home unparalleled warmth and beauty, while also adding a lifetime to the value to the property.

Flooring Choices

Kitchen Flooring

For this flooring, you have a wide range of colors, styles, stains and species to choose from, so you are guaranteed to get just what you want and expect. Simple to install, these planks are milled precisely to ensure a tight fit, especially when finished. When hardwood flooring is installed properly, you won't hear hollow sounds as you walk around, since the wood has terrific acoustics. It's important to choose high-quality hardwood that has been kiln-dried and finished to fine standards. Such a floor stands up to heavy foot traffic and can last for generations. They are also very easy to clean, since dirt, dust and debris do not tend to build up on the surface. Weekly cleaning and mopping is sufficient to maintain a high-end look.

We are confident that once you invest in hardwood flooring from our company you will be thrilled with your decision. Because of the timeless look and durability hardwood offers, your home will keep looking its best for years to come! Choosing hardwood floors is also a terrific investment, with a resale value that often exceeds installation cost. While other floors wear out, hardwood floors keep looking beautiful. Remember, solid hardwood never goes out of style!

Precise & Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

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While both engineered and solid hardwood floors are becoming easier to install, we still suggest investing in professional hardwood floor installation. Because your floors endure so much foot traffic, it is important to ensure that your installation is done properly and meticulously, in order to protect your investment. All installation projects we perform in your home come with a two-year labor warranty.

When you want a hardwood floor company that is dedicated to client satisfaction, we are the choice for you. Our main priority is the happiness of customers just like you. From residential replacements to commercial builds, we do it all. As a member of the National Hardwood Flooring Association, we stay up-to-date with all of the latest developments and styles available for this traditional type of flooring. This is why we are more than qualified to meet all of your engineered or solid hardwood installation needs.

Do you think that hardwood flooring may be the right choice for you? Figure out how to get a free, in-home estimate by contacting our office here. Our flooring company serves Flower Mound, Lewisville, Lantana, Highland Village, and Argyle, Texas, as well as surrounding areas.