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Solid Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound, TX

Install solid hardwood flooring in Flower Mound, TX, and fall in love with your house all over again. Design Floors combines the glory and longevity of natural wood with custom sanding and staining for site finished hardwood flooring.

Installers from our flooring company come to your home in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Lantana, Highland Village, Haslet, Argyle, Carrollton, Coppell, Hickory Creek, or Bartonville, Texas, to lay and finish that flooring for you with the stain of your choice. Contact us today for a free estimate on covering your family room with hardwood flooring.

Foyer in Flower Mound, TX

Site Finished Hardwood Flooring

You want your living room to say elegance and luxury. The best flooring option for this is site finished hardwood flooring. Using your favorite wood, our skilled and knowledgeable technicians install, sand, and finish your flooring right before your eyes. Plus, our work is backed up by our company’s two year-warranty on labor.

Finishing Unfinished Wood on Site

You receive a delivery of unfinished hardwood a couple of days before the actual installation date. This gives the wood a chance to adjust to the moisture level of the room in which it will be installed.

On installation day, our experienced flooring specialists come prepared with the tools and techniques to finish your floors handsomely. As our installers lay the floor plank by plank, they check every piece for flaws, as well as fit.

We sand the flooring onsite to ensure a smooth, flat floor. This is a big advantage over pre-finished flooring that might have some variations that could cause problems in the future. This does not happen when we do the work at the site. Plus, you have unlimited choices for stains and finishes with our installers, while pre-finished wood comes in a finite number of options.

Prized Features of Real Wood

Solid wood consists of your choice of domestic or exotic species that is cut and milled into a sold piece of wood, usually ¾ inch thick. Strips are the narrow pieces, 2 ½ inches or thinner, while planks range from 3-6 inches in width.

Homeowners prize wood for its appearance and appeal, as well as value. If you ever think of selling your home, that for-sale sign will be marked “Sold!” with solid wood floors. This flooring option never goes out of style, which is great because wood can last a century with proper maintenance.

Another valued feature of wood is its hypoallergenic properties. Unlike carpet, there are no fibers to trap dust mites, allergens, irritants, and mold. Instead, wood is naturally clean and healthy.

New Solid Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound, TX

Contact us today to sand and stain your floors at your home with site finished hardwood flooring. We install and finish wood floors in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Lantana, Highland Village, Argyle, Carrollton, Coppell, Hickory Creek, and Bartonville, Texas.